How Much Does a Storage Unit Cost 2021

How Much Does a Storage Unit Cost

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30 November 2020

How Much Does a Storage Unit Cost in the UK and in Manchester?

Self Storage in the UK is a booming industry and is quickly following in the footsteps of its American based predecessors to be a staple of nearly all major towns and cities throughout the UK. For those that don’t know, storage is quite simply what it says on the tin, and self storage is the act of storing your own personal belongings in a safe and secure location for a small fee. There are multiple reasons why self storage has become so popular in the UK but the main reason is that it allows people more freedoms than they would have previously had. Taking advantage of a self storage facility allows customers to store their belongings for a cheap price whilst in the process of things like a house move or travelling. In addition to this people can now store valuable belongings that they either don’t have space for or don’t want in their home. This means where people would have previously had to bin or sell important items they can now safely store them away for a small price.

How Much is Storage in Manchester and Across the UK?

Due to the high levels of competition in the Self Storage Industry across the UK the industry and the services they provide have become an absolute dream for consumers. Storage companies come in all shapes and sizes with big national companies such as Big Yellow and Safestore targeting the whole of the UK and with prominent local storage companies such as ourselves bringing high-quality services to a focused location, in our case that is Self Storage for Greater Manchester. This contrast in services and competition means that customers can pick and choose the best storage facility for their needs rather than just going ahead with the only choice available. For ourselves, we are able to tailor our needs to our customers across Greater Manchester by providing bespoke Self Storage Manchester solutions.

What factors impact the price you pay for Storage?

In addition to flat price, many storage companies are now expanding their offers and services to provide extra discounts and affordable services to their customers to enhance their offerings. For example companies like Big Yellow partner with taxi companies and van hire providers to help their customers move in, in contrast to this we provide free van hire and collection & removal services to our customers across Manchester. Companies such as Safe Store provide a box shop in which customers can buy packages of boxes for a price, at Self Storage Manchester we provide unlimited free packing boxes to all of our customers. This contrast in services provided and the differences between local companies and national companies is an indicator of how a local company has the advantage of being able to tailor their packages and services towards their local customer base. Here at Self Storage Manchester, we provide our customers with bespoke services such as our free van hire, free collection and removals, 50% off your first 12 weeks storage, unlimited free packing boxes, and much more.

Storage Costs UK

The Storage Costs throughout the UK have a whole host of factors that can impact the affordability and price that customers end up paying. One of the main points as we mentioned in the introductory paragraph of this article is the levels of local competition. If there aren’t many storage companies in your local area then sadly it means you can expect to pay a higher price, storage companies base their prices on their competition locally. For storage customers in Manchester, this is fantastic news as there are storage companies continually popping up all across the city which helps storage facilities drive their prices down. At Self Storage Tameside, for example, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the cheapest prices to our customers across the Manchester area, in fact, we are so confident in the prices we provide that we guarantee to be the cheapest provider of self storage in Manchester.

How much does self storage cost per week?

Storage Space Price per week up to 1st 12 weeks
Pallet £1
10 Square Feet £2.99
16 Square Feet £4.50
25 Square Feet £6
35 Square Feet £6.99
50 Square Feet £9.90
75 Square Feet £13
100 Square Feet £17
125 Square Feet £19.50
150 Square Feet £22.50
175 Square Feet £25.50
300 Square Feet £42
400 Square Feet £52
Mailbox £4


Many people in the UK don’t actually know how much self storage costs and as a result, they can often be caught out paying more than they need to. As an example, the SSAUK (Self Storage Association UK) asked in their annual survey what people would expect to pay for a 100 square foot unit per month. The results of the survey showed that 29% of people didn’t know and only 8% of people were within the correct price range for their region.

SSAUK Price Survey Table

At Self Storage Tameside we believe in meeting the expectations of our customers and if they expect to pay a low price then that’s exactly what we aim to provide them with. Our prices are based on delivering the cheapest price for a high quality, safe and secure storage unit in the whole Manchester area. Our competitors charge more than us but we believe our customers shouldn’t have to pay extortionate fees for the privilege of keeping their belongings safe and secure. For this reason, our prices are the cheapest in the whole Manchester area.

In addition to these already cheap prices, we offer a range of further discounts to help our customers store for even less which include:

These are just some of the offers in place to help you store for less with Self Storage Tameside compared to our competitors. For more details of any of the prices mentioned in this article don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who are available 7 days a week. We have over 10 years of experience in providing storage throughout the Manchester area so our team are ideally equipped to provide you with the very best storage prices and deals.

What To Look For in a Storage Unit?

To know what to look for in a storage unit it’s important to first know what exactly a self storage unit is. In the context of this article, we will be focusing purely on Self Storage Units and not storage containers. Storage containers can also be used as self storage but tend to be an outdoor steel container which is good for storing bulk items but not always the best choice for storing your personal belongings. Self Storage units are the most popular kind of storage for people looking for home storage, business storage and student storage throughout the UK.

A Self Storage Unit is a safe and secure unit, often a steel unit located indoors, inside a safe and secure building. These units tend to be stylised with a bright branded colour of door and come in a huge range of sizes. For example, Self Storage Manchester provides a massive range of storage units in an even wider range of sizes starting from small locker units at 10SQFT and going all the way up to 400SQFT (with even some larger custom units available).

To get an idea of what you can fit inside a Self Storage Unit please check our storage size estimator which breaks down what you can expect from the most popular sized storage units.

Storage Sizes in the UK

How Much Does Storage Cost Monthly UK?


The most common way for people to pay for a storage unit is to pay monthly, this acts in the same way as you would exact to pay rent for any space such as your house, a car or an office. Paying your storage monthly is a fantastic way of managing your finances and ensuring that you always have enough money to make your storage payments. The majority of people in the UK get paid on a monthly basis so companies such as Self Storage Tameside can help ensure that your direct debit for your storage is set up to come out at a time that lines up with when you get paid.

In addition to customers paying for their storage monthly, there are also many storage companies that may be happy to arrange a custom payment structure as paying monthly doesn’t always work for everyone. Self Storage Manchester, for example, allows customers to pay for anything from a week upwards at a time, this works well for people that don’t know how long they are going to be storing for or may get paid weekly and manage their payments better this way. In addition to customers being able to pay weekly, we also don’t take any deposit for storage which helps ensure that customers can move in without having to pay a large upfront deposit for storage.


Self Storage Costs in Manchester


For customers looking for Self Storage in the Manchester area, they are fortunate enough to benefit from high levels of competition. There are numerous self storage facilities spread out across the Greater Manchester area which means there is no shortage of options for customers. It stands to reason that with an increase in self storage providers the price decreases and the offers become more appealing for customers. At Self Storage Manchester we wanted to provide the absolute cheapest prices.

The cost of self storage in Manchester doesn’t stop simply at the price you pay for your storage unit either. There are a whole host of other things to consider when looking for a storage unit in Manchester. Some of the things that can increase the cost of your self storage include:

At Self Storage Manchester we have designed our packages and prices to help customers save not only on the cost of storage but also on all of the above points as well.

Self Storage Deals and Promotions


As mentioned in the previous point there are loads of different costs associated with Self Storage beyond just the cost of your unit. At Self Storage Manchester we have worked over our 10 years in the industry to develop our services to provide our customers with a wide range of deals and promotions to help them store for longer. When looking for deals and promotions on your self storage it’s important to consider what you are using for. Services tend to be broken down into things like transport, removals, packaging and insurance whereas promotions tend to cover reduced payments and reductions for set periods of time.

Our deals and promotions at Self Storage Tameside include:


Long Term Storage vs Short Term Storage


The price of your storage will also depend on if you are storing for a short or long period of time. Many self storage companies around Manchester and across the UK offer discounts for customers looking to store for prolonged periods of time. If you are considering getting a storage unit then try to predict how long you will be in your unit for as this will give you a strong position to negotiate on price with your storage provider. At Self Storage Manchester we offer a range of discounts for customers storing for longer periods of time such as our 50% off for your first 12 weeks.

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