How Secure Is Self-Storage?


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27 July 2022

If you are someone who has never used self-storage, it can be daunting renting a unit for the first time, especially if you are unsure of how secure they really are. However, we are here to put any worries that you have at ease. 

When it comes to self-storage, you want to ensure that your items are as protected as possible. Ways to ensure that your belongings are kept safe and secure are:

Check The Storage Company Has A Surveillance System 

The majority of storage companies should have an up-to-date surveillance system but always double-check and see what systems they have in place. At Self Storage Tameside, we have over 200 CCTV cameras, high-security fencing, and a modern red care alarm system, we have staff on site 7 days a week so if you have any enquiries or worries at all, our staff are on-site to help with your storage needs. Our storage units are modern, secure, and dry to help protect your belongings. Keeping your belongings safe and secure is our number one priority and we want you to be able to store them with confidence. Our team of storage experts are on site 7 days a week to help with any enquiries or worries that you may have. We can guarantee the cheapest prices in Manchester without compromising on security. 

Look For A Well-Lit, Secure Facility

It is a good idea to shop around for a storage company, you do not only want a storage company that is close and convenient for you but a company that provides enough safety. When it comes to searching for the best storage company for you, look for a fully fenced building that has both interior and exterior lighting. The storage staff are there to help you and help you feel secure when storing your belongings so feel free to ask them questions such as are staff and tenants the only ones with access to the units? Is an access code required? What security measures do you have in place? You are entitled to ask these kinds of questions before you rent a storage unit in order for you to feel more comfortable and secure. 

Regular Maintenance

When searching for a storage facility you will want to look for a well-maintained storage company that is clean and regularly inspected. If you notice broken locks or fencing etc, the chances are that burglars will notice this too. It doesn’t hurt to ask the staff at the storage facility what measures they have in place. 

We hope this post made you feel that bit more secure when it comes to searching for a storage company to suit your needs. If you are in need of a storage unit, get in touch with us here at Self Storage Tameside. If you choose to store with us, we can give you 50% off your first 9 weeks. To add to the extra security, we do offer insurance if this is something that you want for extra peace of mind. If you choose to store for a minimum of two months and we can give you your first two weeks of insurance free. If you want to take advantage of this give our team a call on 0161 826 6604 and begin storing for less. 


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