How To Create A Realistic To-Do List

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24 January 2023

Everybody loves that feeling when it comes to checking things off a to-do list, it gives us a great sense of achievement. However if it is not right, our to-do list can do us more harm than good. Throughout this blog we will offer you fantastic tips on how you can create a realistic to-do list. 

Capture Everything

It is best to write everything that you need to do down and tick it off later once it’s done rather than forget about it and not get it done at all. If you suddenly have a great idea about something that you could do or how you can improve a project, write all of this down onto your to-do list. Have you considered downloading an organisation app? There are plenty of apps online that are great for helping with organisation, this way if you are on the go, you can quickly jot down a note that you need without waiting until you are back home to add it to your to-do list.  

Limit Yourself to 3-5 Tasks A Day

Have a think about what your daily task limit is. Think about what the tasks that you are writing down and how difficult they are to complete. Start your day by limiting yourself to 3-5 tasks. Focus on the three most important things that you need to get done that day, if you do this, you might find that this is already a lot to get through. However if you find that you might get through these tasks quite easily then add more tasks on. By having a small number of tasks you are more likely to finish them. The more tasks that you finish and the more you tick off your to-do list, the better and more productive you will feel. This positive feeling will fuel you going forward. 

Keep Your Goals and Objectives Separate

Many of the tasks you get done will hopefully be working towards a bigger goal. You should know what your goals are so there is no need to write them down on your to-do list. Instead write your goals and objectives somewhere else. Whether this is in your notebook or notes app. Refer to your goals from time to time, keep checking on them and revising them as much or as little as you need. Just make sure not to let them distract you from specific things that you need to do today. 

Batch Similar Tasks

Once you have written out all of your tasks, take a look and see if any of the tasks are similar, this way you can batch process and get certain tasks ticked off quicker. 

There you have it, these are our tips on how you can create a realistic to-do list. Is one of the tasks on your to-do list decluttering? If you are decluttering, you may need to rent a storage space. At Storage Tameside, if you choose to store with us we can offer you 50% off your first 8 weeks. Not only this, we also offer a free collection and delivery service. If you are interested in renting a storage space then visit our website or call us on 0161 820 4614. 

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