Our big tips on how to store your belongings safely in storage!

Store Your Belongings Safely

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2 September 2021

Thinking about renting a storage unit but don’t know how to safely store your belongings? Keep reading for all of our top tips on how to store your belongings safely here at Tameside Storage.

Don’t store anything perishable!

It is best not to store any food or plants in your unit because the chances are they will be banned anyway from the companies units anyway. The reason for this is because dying plants or rotting food will cause a bad smell that will be hard to get rid of and the rotting food may attract bugs and maggot, which can then go on to harm any other items that you are storing, not to mention a nightmare to get rid of so if you have any leftover perishables it is either best to donate it or dump it.

Cover large items!                           

Covering your larger items with things like sheets and blankets will help to keep them safe. Covering them will also help to prevent dust build up and will help to keep your furniture clean and will help to preserve them for long periods of time, leaving you to come back to safe, clean furniture and the rest of your household items.

Put smaller items in boxes!

It is best to store your smaller items into packing boxes. This will help to keep your storage unit organised for one and will again protect them from the likes of dust and bigger items falling on them. Make sure that you seal the boxes well as this will help to keep your items safe, just in case your boxes get knocked over you don’t want to risk breaking any small valuables.

Take an inventory of any items that you are storing!

Before you pack your items away into the boxes, you should make sure to keep a list of everything that you are storing in a notebook. It is also a good idea to give the items a great clean before packing them away for storage.  Keeping an inventory will help you to keep track. Doing this will then prevent you from tearing through your storage unit frantically searching for items that you think may have been lost or stolen.

Wrap fragile items!

If you are storing away fragile items be sure to wrap them properly and safely this will save anything from breaking when moving them about. Wrapping them will help prevent any unwanted cracks and other unwanted damages. A good tip is to wrap smaller fragile items within clothes.

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