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14 May 2020

Planning to move house is one of the biggest tasks you are likely to undertake in a lifetime and often the longer you have spent in your home the more difficult that becomes. There is the obvious emotional attachment you will have to your house, the memories you are leaving behind in anticipation of making new ones in your new home. Along with that, there is also likely to be a large collection of items to go alongside those memories. The process of moving your worldly belongings from one location to another is a large and daunting one too many would-be movers. That is why we have put together this list of some of the finer details you may forget or overlook in the vastness of your house move.

Organise, organise and organise

When carrying out your move you want to be as methodical as possible when organising your belongings, create categories and then go further and create subcategories. For example, when storing your kitchen belongings make sure all the boxes are stored together but within those boxes, you may want to group certain items together such as having a box for plates and cutlery, a separate box for pots and pans and another box for dry goods. Doing this means when it comes to gaining access to your belongings you can identify that all your kitchen boxes are grouped together and then react to your clearly labelled boxes to find individual goods. Take this approach and apply it to each area or room of your house, then when it comes to unpacking you can simply place the correct boxes in the right room and unpack in order of which boxes are your highest priority without having to sort through irrelevant items to find what you are after.

Keep track of dates

Keeping track of dates and times when moving house may seem like an obvious one, you will need to know when you are moving out of one property and when you are moving into your new home. Those dates are of course very important but what we are talking about are the little dates that you may forget about. It is vitally important that you set yourself benchmarks and targets for when you want to have achieved things by. Make sure you set out when you want to have each room packed for, what your time frame is for getting things loaded with your removal company and what stage in time you want your belongings delivered to your new home. These along with other important dates will make your move so much more successful. For this reason, we suggest creating a table for you to keep track of your move with benchmarks you want to achieve including the following as an example:

Benchmark Date Completed?
Package living room 29/06/201 Yes 24/06/2019
Package dining room 30/06/2019 Yes 28/06/2019
Final Check of any missed items 01/07/2019 Yes 28/06/2019
Organise boxes for the removal team 02/07/2019 01/07/2019

This may seem excessive but creating a thorough and well thought out list that covers points of action and times for completion will add a methodical and efficient approach that will take a lot of the stress out of your house move.

Consider Self Storage

One of the most stressful things about moving from one property to another is the pressure of making sure you have all of your things moved out of your house whilst simultaneously ensuring that you have a new property to move them in to. Considering the use of a Self Storage facility can act as an ideal middle ground between those two points allowing you to store some or all of your belongings in the time between moving out of your old home and your new one being ready to move in to. Even if your new property is ready for you to move into you may still wish to consider the use of a storage facility for any items you are unsure of or to simply give yourself some more breathing room during the move and eliminate some of the clutter you may have.

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