Why Are More and More People Using Self-Storage?


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5 May 2022

Self-Storage is on the rise, here are some of the reasons why:

Provides Extra Space

People’s living situations are constantly changing. For certain reasons, some people may have to move to a smaller place than they are used to thus they cannot take everything they own with them, therefore will need a storage space. Not only this, but throughout the pandemic, we have seen a huge rise in online shopping and people are investing their money into bigger purchases. Eventually, they run out of room and their houses end up cluttered. Storage units are great for providing that extra space and giving people that extra peace of mind when it comes to keeping their belongings secure.


Self-storage is incredibly secure, more so than your home basement or attic. At Self Storage Tameside we provide a modern and dry storage space, we want our customers to be able to store with confidence. We have over 200 CCTV cameras on site, high-security fencing, secure modern storage units, a modern red care alarm system, a 24/7 monitored alarm system, and we have staff on-site 7 days a week. For that extra peace of mind for our customers, we also offer your first two weeks of storage insurance for free if you store for a minimum of two months (you do not have to buy insurance).

Ease of Use

Storage units are easy enough to use and give you that peace of mind. At Self Storage Tameside we want your move-in day to be as worry and stress-free as possible. If needed, we do offer 24-hour access to some units, and you can choose whatever sized unit that is best suited to your needs. Visit Self Storage Tameside today and we can find a storage unit suited to your needs and situation and show you around our facility.

Great Locations- Making Them More Accessible

Most people have a storage facility within 5-10 miles of their area, which is perfect. Self-storage units are extremely accessible so you can visit them whenever you want if there are other items you need to store, or if you need to take things out of storage. Self-storage saves you time and fits around your schedule. Self-storage units are designed to fit your storage needs and your accessibility needs. Realistically you should not have a problem in choosing where to store your belongings.

Great Use If You Are Remote Working

Since the pandemic, remote working is something else that has been on the rise. A lot more people are enjoying the luxury of being able to work from home. A huge negative when it comes to remote working is trying to maintain the separation between work and home life. Well with self-storage, you can easily store your files and/ or stock in a storage facility to give you that breather from work every day. Visit Self Storage Tameside today, so we can find a storage unit suitable for you.


There you have five reasons why more people are choosing to use self-storage. Have you considered it? If the answer is yes give Self Storage Tameside a call and we can answer any questions that you may have.

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