Decluttering Your Space: The Marie Kondo KonMari Method

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20 July 2023

Have you heard of the Marie Kondo KonMari method? This is a revolutionary approach to decluttering and organising your living space. This method was inspired by the Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo. This method encourages you to surround yourself with items that spark joy whilst letting go of the clutter that weighs you down. In this blog post, we will delve into the core principles of the KonMari method and guide you through the transformative journey of decluttering your home and embracing a life of simplicity and joy. 

The Magic Of Sparking Joy

At the heart of the KonMari method is the concept of sparking joy. Marie Kondo encourages us to surround ourselves with belongings that genuinely bring happiness into our lives. By understanding the emotional connection we have with our belongings we can begin to curate a home filled with items that uplift our spirits and leave us with a sense of contentment. 

The KonMari Process: A Journey Of Self-Discovery

The KonMari method is not only about tidying up. It is a journey of self-discovery. We delve into our values, preferences, and aspirations as we carefully select which items to keep and which to let go. By going through this process, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our true desires, ultimately leading to a more purposeful life. 

Tackling Clutter By Category

Unlike traditional decluttering, the KonMari method advocates tidying by category rather than by room. We explore various categories such as clothing, books, sentimental items, papers, and more. This method allows us to see the full extent of our belongings and make more thoughtful decisions about what we truly need and cherish. 

Gratitude and Letting Go

Marie Kondo’s unique perspective on letting go involves expressing gratitude for items that have served us well, even if they are no longer needed. By acknowledging their role in our lives, we let go of them with a sense of appreciation, making the process of decluttering more compassionate and empowering. 

Create A Serene and Organised Space

As we progress through the KonMari method, we discover the joy of organising our cherished possessions in a way that enhances both functionality and aesthetics. We explore various storage solutions and embrace the beauty of clutter-free and serene living space.

Extending The KonMari Lifestyle

Beyond tidying, the KonMari method inspires a lasting lifestyle shift. We explore how mindful consumption and intentional living can be incorporated into other aspects of our lives from shopping habits to decision-making processes.

Sharing The Joy With Loved Ones

The KonMari method can be a collaborative and bonding experience for families and roommates. We explore ways to involve our loved ones in the decluttering journey and how creating a harmonious home together fosters stronger connections. 

Embracing the KonMari is not merely a one-time tidying task, it is an ongoing commitment to living a life filled with joy, purpose, and intention. By thoughtfully decluttering and organising our spaces, we create room for new experiences, opportunities, and relationships that truly enrich our lives. Let us take this joyful art of Marie Kondo’s KonMari method beyond our homes and into our hearts, as we discover the power of a clutter-free existence that sparks joy at every turn. If you are decluttering but don’t want to get rid of things permanently get in contact with us here at Storage Tameside and we can organise a storage unit perfect for you and your needs. 


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