How To Store Halloween Decorations

How Self Storage Can Help With Halloween Decorations

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27 October 2020

At Self Storage Tameside we want to help you have the very best holidays throughout the year. We want you to mesmerise your guests and passersbys with your creativity in Halloween decoration without having to worry about the aftermath. For this to happen you will need to have all the items necessary, spooky skeletons, spiders, ghosts, and all the Halloween props possible. In this article, we will give you a guide on how we can help you have the best decorations every year.

Clean up and toss the trash

Keep Your Halloween Organised and Spooky

The most obvious assistance a self storage company like us can provide is helping people clean up the aftermath of their spooky endeavours. Halloween decorations can take up a lot of space in the house, especially if you are a Halloween enthusiast and you have bought everything possible to scare your neighbours. When the spook season is over, your precious and often expensive items need to be safely stored for the next year. Our self storage units are big enough to fit all your seasonal decorations in, not only the Halloween. Therefore we can make your home look bigger, tidier and more organised by storing your items with Self Storage Tameside.

Keep your Halloween decoration in Perfect Condition.

Safe Secure Storage For Your Halloween Decorations

Our storage facilities are the ideal place to store seasonal decoration if you want to use them the next year and keep them in excellent condition. Our employees can take care of your storage boxes and decorations and very carefully place them in one of our storage units, so they stay in excellent condition for you to use next year. In addition, small spaces in your home such as drawers and cupboards that you can cram the decorations in is not a wise choice. Most of your favourite Halloween accessories might get damaged, thus having to buy new ones. For this reason, you should find an safe and protected place to store them, lucky for you we are experts on safekeeping peoples individual belongings with the most affordable prices in Manchester. We have storage units that start from £1 a week, thus having a handy and cheap way you can safely store your seasonal decoration for the next year.

The recommendations above describe two ways Self Storage Tameside help you with seasonal decoration. We can free up space in your home and keep your decoration safe and in perfect condition for the next time you want to use them. Now we will give you some advice on how to store some specific Halloween decoration items so you can enjoy your decorations for years to come. 

Do not store edible decoration

Spooky Pumpkins - Don't store

You created the best Jack-O-Lantern, you have taken pictures and you have shown it to everybody – now the wise thing to do is to throw it away. The chances of the pumpkin surviving the next year are slim and if it does then that’s a whole new horror story. As the days pass the pumpkin is going to decompose and smell horribly – scary right? The same would go with candy if you collected a ton of candy then the smart thing to do is store them in your fridge or eat them with friends and family. At Self Storage Tameside, we take pride in our storage units, and we always to keep them clean. Thus we ask you not to store edible or perishable decorations in our facilities.

Dried foods go to airtight containers

Storing Dry Foods After Halloween

If you had a party that you were creating portraits from dried foods like pasta, rice, and dried fruits, you had a good time. But as a self storage company, we need to warn you and tell you that if you want to store dried food, then you need to place it into an airtight container. We want our customer’s belongings to remain in the best possible condition so taking advantage of secure, airtight storage containers for your storage unit can help to achieve that. Although we wouldn’t recommend eating any dried pasta or rice the following year keeping these sort of items dry and out of the way can be a good way of holding on to craft supplies for future spooky creations!

How Self Storage can keep your belongings in excellent condition 

Storage Boxes For Halloween

Here at Self Storage Tameside, we give to our customers an unlimited supply of packaging boxes to keep their belongings organised and secure. We suggest all of our customers take advantage of this service and use them wisely so you to avoid breaking any of precious Halloween decorations in particular. Place the spooky ghosts or skeletons in a box and add softer items that prevent excessive movement. This way, you minimise the risk of damaging any of your belongings. Moreover, the best way to make sure your items won’t get broken is to let our professionals collect, transport and store them in one of our storage units – free of charge. We are cautious when we transport and store your belongings and our 10 years of self storage experience makes us experts in the storage process with our dedicated storage removal team on-hand to help when you need it.

Storing lights in a Self Storage unit

Halloween Spooky Lights

The first thing to do is to tie a piece of ribbon to one end of the lights, so you can easily find the end next year. Keep them untangled by wrapping the lights around a newspaper that is in the shape of a roller. Last but not least, keep all your storage boxes labelled or use plastic containers that you can see-through. We all know a little too well regardless of if it’s Halloween or Christmas the pains of trying to unravel lights from a box. Following these tips can help you jump straight into the fun the next time the holiday seasons come around.

Need help finding the best self storage unit in Manchester? We’ve got you covered. Our team of self storage advisors are on hand 7 days a week to help you with all your storage needs. Regardless of if you need seasonal storage, home storage, business storage or student storage our team can help. To find out how you can store for the cheapest prices in Manchester give our team a call today.

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