Our 10 Great Business Uses For Self-Storage

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2 December 2021

There are hundreds of uses for self-storage units. However, did you know some people use their storage units for business storage? Here are our top 10 businesses that people use self-storage for!

1. Online Retailers

If you are an independent, online retailer, you can use a self-storage unit to store your stock. You can also use the space to get any orders ready and have them posted out to your customers! If you run an online business like this, the stock, postage, and packaging items can take up a bit of space in your home. Not only this, having your items in a self-storage unit means that they are kept safe, this is perfect for companies that stock personalised gifts or buys and sells stock in bulk. Rent a self-storage unit for a few weeks/ months to get your business started!

2. Video Business

If you are running an online video business for example, if you run a YouTube channel or your job is on Instagram, renting a storage unit could make your business operations easier. Running your video business from your storage unit could be beneficial to the quality of your videos, the reason being the storage unit would give you a neutral background, there would be no noise disruption from home which is great.

3. Charities

When running a charity, it is important to have a safe space to store donations and any work stock, keep important records and sensitive information. A clever idea if you run a charity, you can use the self-storage unit as a base for fundraising. This can include keeping marketing material and competition prizes in the unit.

4. Photo Studio!

Just using the storage unit for equipment storage is beneficial. This means all your equipment is not taking up space at home, there is less chance of anything getting destroyed, which is ideal.

5. Vintage Furniture Seller

If you have a business selling vintage furniture, then what better place to store it than in a self-storage unit? You do not want this furniture taking up space within your home nor do you want to store it in a leaky, damp garage or basement, this will just ruin the furniture which is the last thing you would want. Renting a storage unit could be a stopping post until your business grows big enough to own a warehouse.

6. Event Organisers

If you are one for organising events. One of the best things that you could do is rent a storage unit to store all your equipment and marketing materials. It is best to keep everything you need in one place, so you know where everything is. This makes life easier!

7. Market Stall Holders

As markets do not tend to happen every day of the week. Your safest bet is to rent a storage unit close by and once your market has finished for the day. Store all your items and equipment here. This will save you a lot of hassle on a daily basis.

8. Heating Engineers

If you are a heating engineer. You do not want to keep all your equipment in your van in case it gets stolen. Self-storage units are easily accessible 7 days a week. This will make your travels and having to find space to store your equipment a lot easier! This is particularly useful for engineers that install the likes of combi boilers and system boilers and may want to safely and securely store expensive and valuable parts and equipment overnight or in between jobs.There are even opportunities for warehouse heating within self storage itself, for facilities looking to offer heated/hybrid storage and working spaces to customers.

9. Art Dealer Or Artist

If you are an artist, you can rent a self-storage unit to store your work. You may have a lot of pieces that you want to sell but do not have the room at home. A storage unit would be beneficial for you. You do not have to worry about getting robbed as storage units are incredibly secure with CCTV, alarm systems, high metal gates, etc.

10. Seasonal Business Owners

Do you own a business that only sells items for holidays i.e., Christmas? The last thing you want is for your items that did not sell that year to be taking up loft space in your home. Rent a storage unit for the year. Storage units tend to be cheap and within a lot of people’s budgets. Anything you did not sell over the holiday period, store it away until the following year so you can resell it. There are a lot of businesses that you can use self-storage for.

Some honorable mentions include:

  • Courier Companies
  • Marketing Agencies Using Office Space
  • Artists
  • Film Production Companies
  • Ecommerce Companies
  • Accountants (document & archive storage)
  • Kitchen Resprays Companies
  • Lawyers
  • White Goods Sellers
  • Tradesmen (joiners, electricians etc)
  • General office-based companies (we provide office space!)
  • Local Stalybridge Chiropody

Are you a business owner who considered this? If you are a business that would like a place to store your items. Contact us here today!

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